Centralised Print and Direct Mail Marketing for franchise groups

Centralised Print and Direct Mail Marketing for franchise groups

Centreprint Print & Mail specialise in combining the mailing needs of multiple offices and franchisees within multi-branch organisations to simplify, increase participation and reduce cost.

By centralising and automating your direct mail, franchisee participation is increased thanks to a reduction in time investment required at branch level. The requirement for each franchisee to mail a minimum of 4000 per mailing to achieve maximum postal discounts is also removed. This reduces cost without increasing volume.

Mike Parker, Managing Director, Minster Cleaning Services, says,

Centreprint provide us with a high quality, value for money mail fulfilment service. This company’s positive, can-do attitude, a willingness to go the extra mile, reliability and responsiveness are all reasons for us not to look elsewhere for our mailing requirements. Thank you Centreprint. Read the full testimonial online

Some of the ways we reduce cost and time at branch level:

  • Produce mailing letters in bulk and only personalise to branch level at the point of use.
  • Produce envelopes in bulk for the whole group
  • Receive mailing returns, enter data for suppression and securely shred
  • Securely hold data for each branch, suppress returns and automatically mail to an agreed marketing plan to reduce franchisee involvement.
  • Group mailings for several branches together to achieve maximum economies of scale and postal discounts
  • Produce marketing materials in bulk or bespoke per branch and store free of charge.
  • Assist with campaign planning to ensure all branches know when each grouped mailing is planned for and send reminders as necessary.
  • Invoice to head office or to each franchisee individually

To discuss how we can tailor a package to centralise, simplify and reduce the cost of your direct mail marketing, please call Andrew Porter 01902 402693 or send us a message.

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