Envelopes and Pre-paid Envelopes

Envelope sizes

There are 4 commonly used envelope sizes. In addition, there are slightly smaller or larger versions of some sizes. Smaller versions are called “undersized” and larger versions are called “oversized”.

Undersized envelopes are often used as pre paid envelopes or business reply envelopes.

Oversized envelopes are for use on inserting machines as they allow more space around the inserts to allow high speed insertion.

Envelope Size Guide

Size Standard Undersize Oversize
c6 envelope size 114mm x 162mm n/a n/a
dl envelope size 110mm x 220mm 102mm x 216mm 114mm x 229mm
c5 envelope size 162mm x 229mm 155mm x 220mm 162mm x 235mm
c4 envelope size 324mm x 229mm n/a n/a

Take a look at the envelope size chart to see what size of paper will fit into each envelope. Click to see standard envelope sizes

UK Postage Rates

With close links to Royal Mail and a keen eye on Royal Mail’s services and postage rates, Centreprint understand the most cost effective way to get your marketing material to your clients and prospects. We will talk through your requirements and look at ways of making small changes to the mail-piece which can result in big savings on your postage costs.

Sometimes, just a change in envelope size can make all the difference.

Why not call us now on 01902 402693 to discuss your requirements and see how we can save you time and money. Alternatively, fill in our enquiry form for pricing and advice on postage costs.

Business Reply Service

Many direct mail campaigns can benefit from including a pre paid envelope. By removing another barrier, you increase the likelihood of a prospect responding to your mailing.

Using Royal Mail’s Business Reply Service is easy. You can apply for a business reply service here. This process can take up to 3 weeks so allow time for this. Once your licence is in place, you will receive a licence number from Royal Mail.

All you need to do is give this to us and we will set up the envelope template, proof it to Royal Mail and print the business reply envelopes to include in your mailing.

If you already have your business reply service set up with Royal Mail and don’t wish to mail the envelopes out, why not check out our envelope printing prices?

For help and advice on your mailing project please call 01902 402693

or fill in our enquiry form.

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