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Royal Mail Mailsort

Why spend more than you need on Royal Mail postage?

Centreprint Print & Mail are accredited by Royal Mail to produce mail pieces to strict machine readable requirements. By using our sophisticated Mailsort software, producing mailings with either a machine readable address or a barcode, to Royal Mail specification, we ensure that you benefit from all available Mailsort bulk mail discounts. We offer free advice on the best way to produce your mailing for each Royal Mail bulk mail service to ensure that you receive all available discounts.

You don’t need your own Royal Mail postage account. We can despatch via our account, providing access to the full range of Mailsort bulk mail discounts without the need for you to open an account with Royal Mail or go through the accreditation process for each product.

There are a number of Mailsort postal services available with varying levels of discount depending on the size, weight and volume of your mailing. These are shown in the table below. All figures are approximate and will be confirmed upon sight of your final data and mail piece.

For all-in printing, fulfilment and postage prices, click here.

Prices shown are “worst case” and Mailsort savings are often lower than shown.

Mailing Quantity Mail Service 1st class 2nd class Economy (4 day)
1 – 999 letters Business Mail 52p 37p n/a
250 – 750 large letters Business Mail 78.8p 63p n/a
1000 – 3999 letters Advertising Mail Unsorted 43.8p 27p n/a
1000+ Large Letters Advertising Mail Low Sort OCR 57.2p 32.3p 27.9p
4000+ Letters Advertising Mail Low Sort OCR 40.1p 21.9p 19.6p
4000+ Mailing Cards Advertising Mail Low Sort Barcode 40.3p 22.1p 19.7p

*Prices valid for mailings posted after 31/12/15. Royal Mail prices are expected to rise around January 2017


Advertising Mail prices assume that the mailing is 100% advertising. Advertising Mail Prices do not apply to bill and statement mailings, magazine subscriptions or other non-advertising communications. All prices assume that the mail piece is compliant with Royal Mail OCR or Barcode requirements.

All postage prices are subject to VAT at the current rate. An un-discounted VAT exempt service is available for non-VAT registered organisations. ASBOF levy has been included where applicable.

DSA (Downstream Access)

We may recommend the use of a Downstream Access service via our DSA providers if we feel that this will be more cost effective for your mailing.

Barcoded mail services may not be available for Business to Business mailings.

Business Mail and Advertising Mail items must be produced according to strict Royal Mail guidelines. Centreprint Print & Mail are accredited to produce mailings to these guidelines earning you the maximum postal discount available for your mailing.

Volume discounts are available on mailings of more than 10,000 large letters or 20,000 letters.

Our one-stop service covers cost effective design and print, printed envelopes, fulfilment and Royal Mail Bulk Mail disounts (Mailsort).

For help and advice on your mailing project please call 01902 402693 or fill in our enquiry form.





Some Mailsort planning now could save you a lot of money.

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