Data Cleaning and Processing

Data Cleaning, Mailsort and MPS suppression for direct mail

Data Cleaning and efficient Mailsort is vital

The success of your mailing stands or falls on its results. Your cost per order or cost per enquiry can be greatly affected by innacurate or poorly cleaned data. Data cleaning is critical to keeping costs down.

Our professional data cleaning and processing team can remove innacurate names and addresses from your data, add the correct details from the Royal Mail Postal Address file (PAF) and ensure that the proportion of “gone-aways” is kept to a minimum. We can correct mis-spellings, mis-typing, add missing address elements and correct out of date post codes. This process is vital to avoid wasted costs.

Data Cleaning, Mailsort and MPS suppression by professionals

We also remove duplicates and check your data against the latest Mailing Preference Service (MPS) file. Let us say that you already have a database of 20,000 customers and acquire a further 5000 names from another source. It is very likely that some of your customers will also be on the second list. It is therefore essential that duplicates in this list are removed before any mailing. Quite apart from the extra postage, printing and mailing cost of despatching two or more identical items to the same address, the (often irrational) anger or irritation at receiving multiple mailings can easily lose you a customer, (or potential customer) – for life.

Please contact us now to discuss cleaning and de-duplicating your data. Our fees are very reasonable and in almost all cases, the costs with be lost within the savings that we can make for you by using clean and correctly processed data in your mailing.

Centreprint Print and Mail are a leading West Midlands UK Mailing House, offering a sophisticated and highly efficient printing and mailing service to all UK and Worldwide businesses.

Our one-stop service covers cost effective design and print, envelope printing and supply, data processing, de-duplication and Royal Mail Mailsort, mailing piece inserting, polywrapping, hand work and despatch, all from our modern Wolverhampton mailing house.

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