Variable Data Marketing

May we explain a little about One to One Marketing using variable data marketing…?

One to One Marketing is highly personalised

One to One marketing is the term used for highly relevant and personalised direct marketing communications. This type of marketing utilises all of the information you have about your customers and prospects to produce mailings which specifically appeal to each person. At Centreprint Print & Mail we have invested heavily in equipment and software to drive our new fully variable full colour mail production facility. This facility can be used to produce:

  • Variable data postcards/mailing cards
  • Variable data sales letters
  • Variable data leaflets
  • Variable data envelopes

What can we change on each item?

Name and address

The name, address, mailing codes etc. will be different for every record printed. These can be printed in colour, reversed out of a colour or even reversed out of an image.

Variable text throughout

You can have variable text. For one set of your customers, you can have one paragraph, for another set, a different paragraph. This is ideal for separating male and female recipients.

Text Colour

Text colour can be varied dependant on the variables in your data.

Photographs and Graphics

The images can vary between each individual mailing. i.e a pair of high heels for the ladies and a sports car for the men.

The Signature

Signatures on letters can vary. In fact, they can be different on each letter, or vary according to the gender of the recipient. It is up to you!

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