Inkjet Personalisation

Inkjet addressing, onto a non-window outer envelope, is ideal for sending quarterly brochures to an existing customer base or where the recipient is expecting to receive the communication from you. Inkjet printing the address directly onto the envelope, removing the need for a personalised letter can save cost.

Mailing cards are another effective way of introducing your company or a new product or service. They keep costs down and don’t require the recipient to open an envelope to see your creative. Inkjet printing is used to print the addresses onto mailing cards for higher volumes.

Inkjet personalisation can also be used to print addresses onto awkwardly shaped, large sheets or bulky items which might not be suitable for printing on a laser printer.

Call now on 01902 402693 to discuss your inkjet addressing requirements and see how we can save you time and money. Alternatively, fill in our enquiry form for pricing and advice on addressing and postage costs.

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