Case history number three: Business promotion

Brian runs a highly successful health club in the south of England. Although already very successful, there is a high turnover of members in health and fitness clubs, so new clients are constantly needed. Brian decided that he needed a steady flow of new members and took the trouble to research his target market carefully and to aim at the right sort of affluent areas.

After careful research, Brian used his business promotion budget wisely by booking a twelve month leaflet distribution campaign with Royal Mail, spreading his budget over quite a wide area of affluent homes. He then ordered well designed leaflets from a specialist print company and made sure that they could be trusted to always deliver just the right amount for each monthly delivery campaign, direct to the Royal Mail distribution centre. In this way, the promotion was almost effortless.

Royal Mail distribute leaflets, with the mail, using their reliable post men and women, who have the integrity to ensure that each leaflet goes where it should go. No database is required, just an agreed list of post code areas. The advantage of having Royal mail deliver the leaflets is that, unlike the local free newspaper, they guarantee to deliver accurately, at the same time as the mail is delivered. Sadly, newspaper and freesheets, although offering cheaper distribution, are not as reliable as Royal Mail. We have even heard cases of bundles of leaflets being found behind hedges and in litter bins.

Brian is now also targeting lapsed members from his database, using personalised mailings sent by a reliable mailing company. All he does is send them his database and they do the rest. He is also now looking at renting a mailing list of suitable potential members (affluent, overweight etc.) and sending out personalised mailers, targeted as as invitations to visit his club for a free trial and a personally escorted tour of the facilities. By the skilful use of targeting, Brian has maximised his business promotion budget. His business has gone from strength to strength, with his targeted business promotion activities steering a steady stream of new members through his club each month. The next step is to give branded clothing (tee shirts and sweat shirts) to new members, so that they will become walking billboards for his fitness centres.

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