What is Mailsort?

So What is Mailsort? Royal Mail Mailsort (often now called Low Sort or High Sort) is a discount postal service offered by Royal Mail on bulk mailings. Centreprint Print & Mail take your mailing name and address data and sort it carefully into Royal Mail selection...

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Case history number three: Business promotion

Brian runs a highly successful health club in the south of England. Although already very successful, there is a high turnover of members in health and fitness clubs, so new clients are constantly needed. Brian decided that he needed a steady flow of new members and...

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Direct Mail Advice Guide

Direct Mail Advice Guide - An introduction to the basics Direct mail is a form of advertising which, when done correctly, is a highly cost effective way of gaining new business or servicing the customers that you already have. This direct mail advice guide explains...

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Writing a Successful Direct Mail Sales Letter

Useful advice on writing a powerful and successful direct mail sales letter Your successful direct mail sales letter is your salesman (or saleswoman). Just as you would not send a scruffy and badly informed sales person to see a valuable prospect, make sure that your...

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Saving money on direct mail

Advice on saving money on direct mail mailshots by careful planning A pound saved is a pound earned. Very few mailings or mailshots make such a vast amount of money that the cost of the mailing is unimportant. Every penny spent on a direct mail campaign should be...

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Advice on using the Internet in your Business

Using The Internet in your Business is important to your success The internet has finally come of age. After all the hype and spurious "dot com" booms, it has settled down to become a very useful business tool, in addition to all the other tools that a modern business...

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