What is Mailsort?

So What is Mailsort?

Royal Mail Mailsort (often now called Low Sort or High Sort) is a discount postal service offered by Royal Mail on bulk mailings. Centreprint Print & Mail take your mailing name and address data and sort it carefully into Royal Mail selection areas. This means that when we pack your letters, we Mailsort the letters into these areas and put each delivery area into separate mail bags or trays. This saves Royal Mail a lot of work, as the mail is pre-sorted for them, ready for local delivery. In return, Royal Mail give us up to 40% discount on the postage cost.

Mailsort reduces postage costs by 40% or more and is a vital part of making your mailing a success.

Do I get all the Royal Mail Mailsort discount?

Yes. Centreprint pass on ALL the discount that Royal Mail offer on your Mailsort postage. We also offer FREE direct mail planning, including a full and complete explanation of “What is Mailsort”. The cost of Direct mail services can be minimised with careful planning.

It is well worthing asking What is Mailsort as our advice is FREE.

Planning your next mailing is very important as Centreprint not only answer the “What is Mailsort” question, but also offer advice on the whole project. From design and print, envelope supply through to direct mail fulfilment – we will handle the whole project – quickly and efficiently.

For help and advice on your mailing project please call 01902 402693

or fill in our enquiry form.

Some planning now could save you a lot of money.

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