Using printed noted pads for business promotion and as conference pads

Printed note pads and printed conference pads

Printed note pads and printed conference pads are a universally popular way to promote almost any business. They are inexpensive, easy to order and highly cost effective. The pads are always welcomed and will carry your message and contact details over a considerable period of time. Printed note pads are also commonly used as conference pads – given away to delegates to use at the conference and afterwards. Order inexpensive pads online

The recent massive increases in the cost of newspaper, magazine, radio and television advertising means that more and more companies are looking for an efficient way of subliminally keeping their message in front of prospects and customers, without huge expense. Combined with direct mail, printed note pads are an inexpensive and efficient sales tool, as well as being seen as a reward for loyalty by existing customers.

As well as small and medium sized pads, A3 desk pads are available with a calendar strip running along the bottom. These pads are glued along the bottom edge to minimise curling and provide an excellent surface for note-taking and doodling, both of which are keeping the message and contact details in front of the user at all times.

A novel addition to the printed pad idea is the printed mouse mat pad. This clever pad looks like a conventional mouse mat, with rounded corners, yet has 50 tear-off sheets, so may be used for note taking as well.

Consider the following:

  1. Everyone likes a free gift – however small.
  2. Your gift will NEVER be thrown away, just slowly used up.
  3. Pads are not seen as blatant advertising but as a useful item and a welcome gift.
  4. None of us ever have enough paper to take messages down on.
  5. Recipients always look forward to receiving another supply of pads. They almost become addictive in their usefulness.
  6. Delivering or mailing more pads is an excellent excuse for contacting your customer or prospect again.
  7. The cost is very small compared to the perceived value of the gift.
  8. Thousands of successful businesses cannot be wrong. Printed note pads are a very effective way of keeping your name and contact details in front of people.

Popular Printed Note Pad sizes

Printed Note Pads come in a range of sizes, to meet all needs and marketing budgets. Although almost any size can be produced, the most popular sizes are:

  • A7 printed note pads – 105mm x 74mm approx. (One eighth of A4)
  • A6 printed note pads – 148mm x 105mm approx.(One quarter of A4)
  • A5 printed note pads – 210mm x 148mm approx. (Half A4)
  • A4 printed note pads – 297mm x 210mm approx.(A4 size – as letterheads)
  • A3 printed note pads – 420mm x 297mm approx. (Usually used for desk pads).
  • Printed mouse mat pads – 50 sheets – (254mm x 210mm approx)

All printed note pads can be produced in landscape format or portrait format – whichever style suits your other promotional material. Although any paper colour is available – white is the most popular.

Compare the simplicity of printed note pads with other marketing tools. Nothing is more cost effective. Calendars, especially attractive ones, are often redirected away from the purchasing decision makers and can be very expensive, while golf balls, clocks, novelties and printed mugs are often too expensive for mass-marketing use. The cost of printed note pads can be tailored to the market, simply by choosing a size that fits your budget.

Conference Pads

A very popular use for printed note pads is at conferences and seminars. The usual size for conference pads is A4, which is 297mm x 210mm. These pads are usually ruled and will always be taken home and used by delegates, even if they are not used up at the conference or seminar.

Smaller printed note pads are often left in hotel rooms to encourage guests to write to friends and relatives. Special pads with just 20 or 25 sheets can be produced.

Medical advertising

One of the heaviest users of printed note pads is the medical profession. It would be a very rare General Practitioner’s desk that did not contain a selection of printed note pads of various sizes. If nothing else, they make an excellent excuse for a medical representative to call on the doctor again. Centreprint Print & Mail supply printed note pads at low cost.

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